Ong 01After receiving an undergraduate degree from Taylor’s College of Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Ong went on to attend medical school at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and subsequently completed a residency in general surgery at the University of Arizona and an internship in general surgery at the University of Hawaii. As the Chief Resident during her final year, Dr. Ong completed her training in plastic surgery at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

At Vanderbilt University she had the privilege to train amongst some of the finest plastic surgeons in the country including Patrick Maxwell, MD ; one of the pioneers and inventors in the field of breast surgery and breast implants. Dr Maxwell was instrumental in the development of breast implants available in the market today.

Following her extensive training and lead by her love for the state of Arizona, Dr. Ong opened a private practice in Tucson where she practiced for 5 years before working with Dr. Gawley in Phoenix.

As a specialist in breast surgery and breast cancer reconstruction surgery, Dr. Ong has extensive experience working closely with cancer treatment teams to ensure that patients obtain the best aesthetic outcome without compromising their cancer treatment.

Dr. Ong also has a special interest in facial rejuvenation and often utilizes state-of-the-art lasers to achieve optimal results.

She also has vast experience in radio frequency technology, being one of the first 30 physicians in the world to adopt and utilize RF technology in skin tightening. Today she uses that experience to treat patients in conjunction with liposuction as temperature controlled specific skin tightening  to further exceed the results  obtained from liposuction alone. Today, that technology is being used in vaginal rejuvenation to treat vaginal and labial laxity.

With training and experience that are second to none, Dr. Ong knows how to provide you with the results you want and the care you deserve: personal & professional plastic surgery.

Dr. Ong’s personal belief is that confidence is the key to making a person attractive, and she strives to instill this confidence in each patient she works with. As a woman, Dr. Ong understands the emotional impact plastic surgery can have, and she makes it her priority to take the time to understand your lifestyle and your outcome goals to determine what procedures are right for you.

When Dr. Ong isn’t in the office, she is a triathlon competitor who also  enjoys kiteboarding and snowboarding. 

Dr. Ong is being recognized as a leader in the  ThermiVa technology and has presented how ThermiVa works to other local physicians and also performed a demonstration of the technology.