Many women are looking for nonsurgical options for vaginal rejuvenation, one of the common questions that I get asked is “How long do the results last?”
The answer to that question is dependent on many factors, such as the hormonal status of the patient, genetics, age and medical history. Hormones play a very vital role in skin laxity and other concerns pertaining to vaginal health.
Longevity of the results are also dependent on the “concern” that the patient is seeking treatment for.
For external labia majora laxity, we see a nice and measurable improvement after just one treatment, and the results are enhanced with stacked treatments. The results are not permanent, and not as precise aesthetically compared to a surgical labiaplasty but many women are content with the results, and may return in one year or so for additional treatment. For many women, the degree of improvement , using a non-surgical option with no down time is an attractive option.
The improvement of vaginal tightening, improved lubrication , increased sensation, improvement in stress incontinence can vary depending on the severity of the problem at presentation and the hormonal status. I always recommend that women be placed on hormonal replacement if there are no contraindications. Most women however, do get a significant improvement in the “concern” they are getting treatment for and may return for one additional treatment between 9-15 months. In the pilot study for ThermiVA RF, there was greater than 50% improvement in patient recorded changes reported. The O-shot is a good adjunctive treatment that can enhance the results seen from ThermiVA alone for the treatment of stress incontinence, improved sensation and enhanced sexual experience. Thermi-O is now offered during the 3rd ThermiVA treatment for women who still want to improve their results using non-surgical options.